NAIDOC Week Art Exhibition (14 – 15 July, 2016)


As part of The Murri School’s 30th anniversary celebrations in 2016, it is organising an art exhibition to coincide with NAIDOC week in mid-July.  A couple of Jemima Whitford’s  work from the Bundjalung Dreaming series will be shown at this exhibition.    

Bunjalung Dreaming depicts the journey of an inland mob into the region of the Bundjalung mob, who would allow others to come and spend a few weeks on the coast when it became dry inland and food had became scarce as the Bundjalung mob had abundant food in their region on the coast.

In these images you see the colours of the figures radiating auras as they pass through the country to their destination – a place with surf, sand, seafood, festivity, celebrations and dance. Initially their auras and energy dull becomes more vivid with the excitement of their destination, ending with a race to the surf… the memory of a beautiful tropical flower, the raw intense colour of dancers intermingling at a corroboree, celebrating and ecstatic in the dance. A display of studies of individual dancers and the brighter auras of the group dancing together vividly showing their heighted state which dancing creates and the revitalized energy as they return home.

These images are both passionate and poignant, powerfully imparting this knowledge of loss to the observer.