2018-07-02 - 2018-08-30 All day
Surry Hills Library
Address: 405 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW
by Jemima Whitford

Spiritually modified by conscious thought influences culture and its creation in various ways.
A different mode of consciously modified spirituality creates a culture’s core beliefs and is integral within a society’s structure, defining their cultural ideals, ethics and laws.

Spiritual beliefs can influence cultures via assimilation and integration by combining beliefs, rites and/or concepts by acceptance eg Feng- Shui and Buddhism or supplanting an invading culture’s spirituality onto the original culture. This can destroy the original people’s culture by removing their identification of social solidarity. The spirituality that created their rituals, beliefs and societal structure is being suppressed or obliterated.

Within the image there is one group with similar beliefs, creating a society whose culture supports their psychological assurance of themselves through their spiritual beliefs. Another group, with different spiritual concepts is in the process of influencing each other. This is either by amalgamation of spiritual beliefs and its resultant influence or the domination of one culture’s beliefs. The invading nations populace to assumes ownership due to their identification with their own spirituality, its spiritual practices and beliefs, in doing so forces their beliefs onto the dominated peoples.